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Audio Stuttering


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As of around 6pm EST 9/19/2014 mumble on both my laptop and main PC have both started to sound like this...


Since it's happening on both computers I'd have to assume it's something to do with my ISP/Router and not the computer itself. I've tried rebooting my modem with no luck as it the problem still persisted.

Any contribution to this issue would be of great help as I cannot proceed with proper communication between others.

Programs like Skype still work, audio has been tested on youtube and several other games.

Speed test.


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I also have this same problem. It is only with one server so far. I tryed a few public mumble servers and they sound fine. Its only my guild server that sounds like this. I thought it was just me, and I reinstalled mumble, drivers, ect. multiple times, until I started looking elsewhere.

The forcing TCP worked for me, but I am not sure why this suddenly needed to happen.

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I have the same issue, the TCP/IP did not work. And I have the same ISP (Bell).

Though when I contacted them, they said their line was fine. And oh-so-politely ended the chat.

I have tried other mumble servers, did not work.

I have tried CurseVoice, worked perfect.

I tried mumble on another computer, didn't work.

Games have no lag, Streaming is fine. Re-installed mumble a few times.

All this started last night. Though this morning I tried GTA Online on ps3, and network disconnections.

No Idea if it's related or random coincidence that Rockstar servers have connection problems, since it "never" can happen according to them.

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