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Mac Keyboard keys not recognized


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The following keyboard keys are not recognized by mumble. Mumble used to do those keys as my PTT was F19 a while ago (months) I tried downgrading mumble but it didn't work, is there any known solution to this?

I've included the names other programs use to detect them.

0x007C - 124 - F13

0x007D - 125 - F14

0x007E - 126 - F15

0x007F - 127 - F16

0x0080 - 128 - F17

0x0081 - 129 - F18

0x0082 - 130 - F19

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Those were only security updates which shouldn't produce this kinda of breakage. It's possible but unlikely. I don't have a Mac but I'll ping mkrautz and see if he has any idea what might've caused this. We have a similar report for Windows but I'm not quite sure those are related as I don't think the shortcut code is the same (haven't checked though).

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