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Hi all,

So, with the influx of MMO games for consoles, most notably of late Destiny, and upcoming ESO it's becoming apparant to me that the VOIP systems on the consoles themselves are not good enough to handle bigger groups. I'd like the ability to have my clan-mates drop in on a clan-server, be able to split out into smaller group servers for raids and group things and what-not, AND have it all snapped to the side or running in a background app.

Currently at least, there's no organic way of hanging out with clan/guildmates in console MMO's, mainly due. I think Mumble could help out. Any plans or thoughts about this? Is this something other people might like?

(edit for premature 'enter').

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While consoles are reasonably close to computers in terms of hardware the software can be a whole other story. The framework Mumble is built upon - from what I can tell - doesn't support any consoles. Also a background VoIP program probably by a 3rd party - if it's even possible with current consoles - probably has quite high barriers to entry.

It's definitely an interesting thought but I'm not sure we could even attempt to serve these platforms even if we wanted to :(

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If you were talking about running Mumble on a laptop or desktop using wireless headsets, it might be plausible to hack something together depending on the game. For example the SOCOM series for PS2/PS3 allowed you to poll a website to get information about your clan and so on, which once parsed could then trivially be tied to an authenticator on the Mumble server which could then shift people around, assign privileges, and so on.

Whether any of the current console games that you'd like to play support anything close to this is another thing entirely. If you can figure out a way to sniff information from the game, you can apply this information to Mumble if you speak one of the programming languages Ice supports.

I would be almost willing to bet that getting any Mumble-related software running on a non-hacked console is never going to happen, so doing it from the Mumble server is about the best you can do.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

Avatar is stolen from here

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