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Mumble isn´t showing any server


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hi guyz,

today i´ve got some solid problem with my Mumble (1.2.8 and 1.3.0 snapshot). When i start my Mumble, i want to connect on some server, to hear my friends. but when i want to connect, it shows me blank Mumble Server Connect PopUp Window. something like this: http://i.imgur.com/8syXNvI.png. after a while it shows me some PopUp Failed to fetch server list.

i´m using Windows XP 32-bit (don´t ask me why :D)

thanks for any help.

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It's a really unfortunate situation to say the least. We weren't notified of a big planned maintenance at the uni the mumble.info host is located at (free server, colo, certificate and massive bandwidth). They change main feeds for the campus with quote "no ETA" on when things are back up.

EDIT: We just got an update. Half of the switches in the data center died due to the outage. Replacements due thursday. We'll try to serve stale content where we can until they restore service to minimize disruption.

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