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Connection Error "SSL version mismatch"


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One of our users was unable to connect to our 1.2.8 Mumur Server using their recently installed 1.2.8 Mumble Client from Windows 8.1.

There error message was:

"SSL version mismatch. This server is using an older encryption standard and is no longer supported by modern versions of Mumble."

A solution is required for this issue which has been reported but not solved in earlier Mumble forum threads:



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The user is using Win 8.1 Enterprise. I am wondering:

  1. if it is possible for the user to safely tweak their certificate acceptance policy
  2. if the Mumble server should have a different class of certificate
  3. if the certficate has been improperly installed.


The current certificate is "Class 1 Domain and Email Validation (StartSSL™ Free)".

No other user has had this issue.

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Are you sure they weren't using the backwards compatibility (1.1.X) client by accident and that the server that was connected to was 1.2.X or 1.3.X? Are both from us (there are some modified clients/servers out there that might be incompatible). I've only seen this message in conjunction with trying to use a client with an incompatible server.

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My user confirmed that they used the same direct Sourceforge hosted download link for Mumble 1.2.8 which I have given to all of my users:


The installation of the same file lead to the connection error "SSL version mismatch" on their Win 8.1 Enterprise company laptop but from their older laptop using the same installation file they were able to successfully connect to the team Mumble server.

Similarly, a second user has now reported that they also had the "SSL version mismatch" error for Mumble 1.2.8 on a Win 8.1 machine (not a company machine) but they were able to connect to the team Mumble Server using Mumble installed on a phone.

Does something have to be changed in the Win 8.1 OS configuration for certificate handling?

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Not sure what would be special about 8.1 enterprise. I'm using 8.1 Ultimate on my own system. I just remembered (sorry :oops: ) that there is an even likelier reason for this error: Is your user connecting to the right host/port murmur is listening on? We use plain TLSv1 as the basis for out protocol so at that point in the connection we cannot tell if we are speaking to something else that just doesn't talk TLSv1 or if it's really an old mumble server not speaking the right protocol. I'm think it is very likely this is what your user is seeing here. We don't even ship the 1.1.X with the new versions since 1.2.4 (people using the old one accidentally was a usual occurrence before that hence my "stock" response).

In case it is not you should check the murmur log for the handshake error message for the failing connection. It might contain more information about the failure we don't log client-side.

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A third user got the error "This server is using an older encryption standard and is no longer supported by modern versions of Mumble."

Checking the Murmur log, their repeated connection attempts only show this information:

"Connection closed: The remote host closed the connection [1]"

They were using Win 7.

Our users did not solve this problem, they had to use a new platform.

They used the latest Mumble (1.2.8) and the correct port and had no problem when moving to other platforms: Android, iPhone and WinXP.

So far 15 users joined the Mumble server but 3 had problems when using Win 8 or Win 7 - that's an unsolved mystery issue for 20% of our users.

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