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Question about ICE method


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Hello everyone!

I'd like to know why Ice method "addUserToGroup" is temporary and where is permanent alternative.


User registers on forum, website, etc etc ... web.

Web scripts add this user to some "plus" group via Ice interface so he can enter channels where only this group is allowed.

And, also, this method seems to be broken, since if move user to channel owned by "plus" and make addUserToGroup (x, session, "plus"), user can't speak or do anything.

Am i missing something? Please help and thanks in advance!

P.S. Mumble client 1.3.0, murmur 1.2.8 (download links for 1.3.0 still dead).

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If I recall correctly, getACL() and setACL() are permanent. It involves downloading the ACLs which includes groups, massaging the group membership you want into the groups object (which IIRC is a tree of objects), then pushing it back to the server with setACL().

The format of these functions and the objects they use varies depending on what language you're using - I think they're much easier to understand in for example Python than they are in PHP. It's mostly Ice's fault.

Also, I think the issue where the user isn't in the group is because the permissions aren't updated until the user changes channels again - if memory serves, you can reproduce this using the built in ACL editor. Move a user in, they're suppressed, add them to a group and they won't automatically be unsuppressed. I would imagine that's to avoid the operation being expensive on big and complicated servers, and it's trivially avoided - add the user to the group first then move the user in.

It sounds like you probably want an Authenticator though.

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