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Registration failed: Connection timed out


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I tend to scroll through my murmur log almost daily to try and snuff out problems before they get to big to handle.

I currently receive a constant "Registration failed: Connection timed out" message on an hourly basis. I assume that is the public list registration. This is a server that's been up for many years with no registration errors or problems until recently. Is anyone else seeing this?

I can't find the resolve. I have gone as far as removing all firewalls, and in a move of desperation, have done a cold reload of the server machine itself (Windows 7 64 and 1.2.8 Mumble). Even bypassed the router its attached to, and I'm at a loss. Is this a "public list" server issue and I'm simply beating my head against the wall?

The public server list does in fact show my server, but is not seeing updates (I changed the registerUrl= to try to catch the update).



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It's not you. It's us :oops: Our box for the publist is currently cut off from the internet (see http://forums.mumble.info/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1420#p5107). We are serving a stale version of the publist in the meantime but there is no logic behind it to take in updates. The log messages will go away once we have the server back on the net. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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