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Does Mumble connect to unknown IPs?


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My Murmur/Mumble 1.2.8 installation does not check for updates and so the only connections listed in my firewall are for known users. Recently I noticed that Murmur had a connection with an unknown IP that was not connected to any user and that the connection was continuous and active (data in and out).

Is this related to the event that I had installed a CA Class 1 certificate? Does Murmur connect to a particular server to validate certificates? Does Murmur require a constant connection to such a CA server or is this a one-time only process?

Ther server seems connected to encryption standars but its purpose is unclear.

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The server is not set to be public in murmur.ini. It is private.

The server does not transmit data unless users are connected and talking.

Wireshark captured the packets. They were short and the same length but different data. They could not be read in plain English.

Since reinstalling Mumble, the issue has not been noticed. There is a rule in the firewall to block that IP which is connected to EDELKEY.NET

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