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Hello all

Is there a guide on how to setup a domain name for the server?

Right now I can only access it buy going to IP:port. I have tried adding just a A record on the domain name but that just takes me direct to the server IP.

Is there a guide on how to setup a SSL cert for the server?

Also can you use a sub/domain name instead of the IP address? So I want to offer somename.myhostname.com:randomport and they can use that address to connect to the server. If that can be done will I need a wildcard SSL cert?

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A domain is a 1:1 mapping to an IP. So an A record is sufficient to redirect you to an IP, as you said it works as well.

And if it already directs you to the IP, you should be able to connect to domain:port

yes, subdomains as well. They're just the same.

About the cert, I think the murmur.ini tells you a bit, probably as well what kind of cert you need.

So you'll just need one of those and set them for the server.

If setting in ini is not sufficient set them through Ice for the virtual server.

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Ok, so I have installed my SSL cert and have uploaded the files to the server. In the .ini file I have added



I restarted the server, but when connecting to a new server I still get a verification warning. Pressing view certificate, it still shows Murmur Autogenerated certificate v2.

Any ideas what I did wrong?

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ok so here is a interesting one. So I did a update on the server today and it upgraded a few things like apache2 and openssl.

Now when I connect to the mumble servers it gives me the SSL warning the host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this cert, blah blah blah

I checked the cert file and its using the default murmur autogenerated file EVEN though in the murmur.ini file its being told to use my SSL file.

I have restarted the server several times even reissued the stupid SSL files and I can not get it to go back to my SSL file. I cant even find the murmur autogenerated one to delete them

Any help on this

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