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Crackling/Popping Sound


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Hello, I recently switched from Ventrilo to mumble for Counter Strike:GO because of the milliseconds delay mumble offers compared to vents 1 - 2 second delay.

The problem that I been having is that I keep hearing a crackling and popping sounds every time someones talks in mumble. For reason, I'm the only one that has this problem compared to my teammates who don't hear any type of popping or crackling. Its usually happens during the conversation or sometimes in the beginning when someone starts talking.

I switched from an onboard sound card, to my actual sound card.... and even went so far as to buying a new sound card. I even used different headsets with actual USB sound card.The crackling and popping still exist. I made my teammates adjust their sound with the audio wizard and I still hear it.

I even switched the compatibility to Windows XP SP3 and it got worse. Resulting in not only crackling and popping but also distorted/lost of sound.

Its completely frustrating as I want to use mumble but the crackling and popping hurt my ears :shock:

Any help will be greatly appreciative.

My specs

Intel Core i7 4770k

16gig DDR3 Ram

Windows 8.1PRO 64bit

Nvidia 770gtx

SSD Samsung 500 gb

Creative Sound Blaster Z / Logitech G430 / Sennheiser G4ME One

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