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1.2.8 conversation suddenly had a 4 second delay


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I read this somewhere on the Mumble forums/bug tracker, where someone had this same issue. It's not that the recording/conversation slowly got more and more out of sync, one moment it was fine, and the next moment there was a 4 second delay. Here is the scenario:

[*]3 people on the server, everyone recording.

[*]2 of the people are on the same LAN, the other person is hundreds of miles away.

[*]Conversation had gone on for over 30 minutes

[*]At a specific moment, a 4 second delay was introduced, and it stayed at 4 seconds throughout the rest of the conversation. This delay was heard on all sides of the conversation.

[*]The 2 people on the same LAN did not experience the 4 second delay between themselves, but both experienced the 4 second delay with the third person.

[*]Everyone was using Mumble 1.2.8.

[*]The delay was heard live, and was present in the recording

Two questions:

1. Is this something that would have been fixed by using 1.3.0 on both the client and server machines?

2. If so, is the snapshot version stable enough to rely on for podcast recording? It was recommended here to use the 1.3.0 snapshot for long conversations:


but I'm not sure how stable these releases are.


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If you want to use multi-channel recording you'll definitely want to use the snapshots. As I said in the post you linked they contain important fixes for that feature. Those fixes are client-side so no need to mess with your server. Also only people actually recording need them.

In general our snapshots are quite stable. There are known issues around the manual positional audio plugin (you'll likely don't use that anyways) and the overlay with DX11 games (just disable the overlay if you want to make sure) but that's all I'm aware of.

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