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client CPU usage while idle


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I have a client connected to my local server (other machine). I'm alone on the server, deaf and muted, with no microphone plugged. Debian Linux package version 1.2.8~7~g76f6870-2+b1.

The current CPU usage on my client machine is 2 process * 3% each, AMD 64, 2300 MHz. This seems a lot to me for idling... What is the reason for that? Is there an audio signal processed despite I'm death and muted?

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The Mumble client continuously catches audio input so that when you unmute and start talking again, it can make out noise again (voice activation and/or noise suppression).


Also note that if you're on a platform/machine where this is unacceptable for one reason or another, there are unofficial patches out there that add a "true idle" to the audio processor. It's completely unsupported, your mileage may vary, etc etc, but it's out there.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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