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I have been running mumble servers on this particular host for ~ 1 year without issues, not all of a sudden I'm getting this.


Registration failed: SSL handshake failed
Registration: SSL Handshake error: The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted


None of my certs have changed as far as I know. I patched up for heartbleed when it was discovered. I'm not using a proper cert (just the auto gen one) but i never have on that server.

Any ideas? :)

Lead Adimn | mumble.co.nz
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Don't worry, It was running debian 6 and mumble 1.2.2 and nothing else of importance so....

After trying to find the cause for ~3 hours, I took the easy way out and turfed the whole VPS and installed Debian 7 and mumble 1.2.4

That worked really well :D

Lead Adimn | mumble.co.nz
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