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Groups and ACL, ripping my hair out


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So I am going to be running a few open servers and I am trying to set thing up the following:

I would like for when I unregistered user to connect to the server for them to be able to only to connect. No privileges other then registering to the server. Once they register then they can talk, change channels, etc.

I would then like to have a 'moderators' group that has a bit more admin power such as kicking and muting users.

I don't want to have to assign users to the 'registered' group manually. I have played with these settings for a few hours now and I cant get it to do what I want. What is the proper way to set this up?

Also is there a way to copy one servers channel list to another? There servers I am running I want to have the same default channels on each one. But there are a few servers and typing it out over and over will take a long time.

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In your root channel change your ACL to:

@all deny all those things other than registering

@auth (the group for registered aka authed users) allow those things

@moderator (you'll have to create that group in the tab Groups) give them those perms you want them to have

Then let these ACLs be inherited by all subchannels. (Applies to sub-channels in root chan and Inherit ACLs in sub chans)

There's no simple way to copy them.

You could do a script that will do it via Ice, that'd be the best way.

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