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Can I add an API Steam for log in on my server ?


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I would like adding an API Steam for log in the users on Mumble.

I would like with this API to obtain the name in game and eventually the avatar for auto-completion in Mumble.

The idea is to get the in-game name and if possible the avatar of each to authenticate to Mumble.

Must I do to add Ice or DBus for that and mainly is it possible ?

Sorry for my expression but I'm French.

Thank you.

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This actually sounds like an interesting project. I'm not sure how you'd be able to deal with the OAUTH stuff for Steam though - I don't think Steam would like you requiring your users to login with their steam name/password via Mumble.

The rest of the stuff is probably rather trivial though - check out some of the example authenticators. Avatars and everything are probably trivially done - getting the current game would depend on how well Steam's API exposes that information. I would imagine you could add group permissions based on the Steam groups a user is in (team-only rooms, that sort of thing).

You'll want to use Ice - pretend DBus doesn't exist for server purposes. If you speak a language that Ice supports, it's probably not that difficult a problem once you clear the authentication hurdle. Have fun!

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