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Re: Ice 3.5.1 C++


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Hello I am trying to write a custom authenticator for ARMA3 & murmur using ICE 3.5.1.


VS 2010 Murmur 1.3 Ice 3.5.1 mumbleLink Arma3 B3 (https://dev.withsix.com/projects/mumblelink)

I have manage to achieve this , I have:

1) started murmur server

2) started mumble,

a) with positional audio settings set

b) set link and transmit

c) Joined server

3) Loaded ARMA3 with mumble link mod, load mission the mod says it is mumble linked.

4) Connected to the murmur server with ICE client.

5) Queried Users /user info with ice

The mumble link arma3 plugin is being used to send mumble link info including context and identity information.

I have verified that there is information being added to the mumble struct LinkedMem.

When I query the User info using the codes below, everythin reports data , user-> name etc,

except ->indentity or ->context I just get blank strings.


for (UserMap::iterator ii=users.begin(); ii != users.end(); ii++)
		cout << setw(8) << right << (*ii).first << " " << (*ii).second.name	<< " " << (*ii).second.udpPing << " : ( Identity : " << 	(*ii).second.identity << " ) : ( Version :  " << (*ii).second.version << " ) : ( Context : " << (*ii).second.context << " ) " << endl;

Arma3 is loaded and it says it is links with mumble.

Why is no context or Identity info returned?

How can I debug the mumble link info on murmur?

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