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"Disconnecting Ghost"


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So I am getting an error in my log (an complaints from a user)...

The log shows:


10:33 PM<1886:Andreafawcett(17)> Authenticated
10:33 PM<1920:Andreafawcett(17)> Connection closed:  [-1]
10:33 PM<1886:Andreafawcett(17)> Disconnecting ghost
10:33 PM<1886:(-1)> Client version 1.2.7 (Win: 1.2.7)
10:33 PM<1886:(-1)> New connection:
10:27 PM<1920:Andreafawcett(17)> Authenticated


No idea what's going on....

EDIT: Turns out they were running 1.2.7. I had them install 1.2.8 and will monitor from there. If anyone has any other suggestions or tips or hints, just in case, please let me know. Thanks!

EDIT 2: Install of 1.2.8 did not help at all...

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This is a new connection bumping off an old connection that the server thinks is still active. If memory serves correctly, here's what's basically happening:


  • Connection #1920 is authenticated.
  • New connection #1886 is accepted, then client version information is logged.
  • User is authenticated, so we blow away connection #1920, then we log "authenticated".


It's likely the client's firewall or ISP, or possibly a connection issue on the server side, but that'd usually affect multiple people at once.

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That's the way I read the log as well, but I'm very happy to have the second opinion on that.

I'm leaning against it being server side because, as you said, it would effect multiple people and this person is the only one, in the whole of the logs, that get the ghost message.

I'll have them check their firewall settings and whitelist mumble if possible.


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