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no sound on headset


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Hey guys,

I've got a little issue with my muble:

Apparently it's not possible for me to get any mumble sound on my headset. It can speak through it, other people can hear that (loopback works), but no matter what settings I use, I can only hear the sound from my onboard speaker.

If I choose the 'wireless audio' option in the audio output menu, the sounds just stops working at all. This bug only happens with mumple, everything else including teamspeak works perfect.

All drivers should be up to date as I renewed them just some hours ago. I couldn't find any helpful information at all anywhere else, therefore I'm asking here.

Thanks in advance

I'm currently using:

Asus HS-W1 wireless headset

Mumble 1.2.8

Acer V5 572G laptop

If you need any additional information, just tell me which.


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Of course I changed the output device. I've got the choice between my onboard speakers, 'standart' and 'wireless audio', which I assume to be my headset. If I choose my onboard speakers, mumble does, what it's supposed to do, but if I enable one of the other two possibilities, I can't hear anything, neither from my onboard speakers, nor from my headset. Advanced is enabled all the time.

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I have this problem too with my wireless headphones. Everything works fine when i use normal output to computer speakers, but not my bluetooth headphones.

I don't hear any voice audio like other people or the audio wizard talking... but I CAN hear other audio alerts such as getting muted or logging in, etc. In addition, the red lip icons don't light up when other people talk when using bluetooth headphones as output (despite confirming they were talking).

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