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Mumble OS Hang on Start


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Issue: When I initially start Mumble 1.2.8 on Windows all mouse and keyboard input freezes. Mumble opens, it displays the server list window and about half the time the mouse and keyboard input don't respond for roughly 5-6 seconds. Additionally, while Mumble is open there is occasionally this same 5-6 second hang maybe once an hour. The Caps/Scroll/Num Lock keys do not change state during the lock up. To be clear, the OS continues to function, I can see videos playing, hear sounds, etc during the time where the mouse and keyboard don't move.

My Troubleshooting: I think this is in some way related to my DAC, Aune T1 MK2. When the DAC is unplugged or disabled in Windows Sound, there are no more freezes. Why am I posting on the Mumble forums then? Mumble seems to be the only way I can reliably replicate the occurrence and may be causing the issue in SOME way. I've tried the non-ASIO compiled version of the 1.2.5 client and it behaves the same way. Because the keyboard lights do not respond, this makes me feel like Mumble is either querying the DAC in some way and locking up all the USB ports on the computer.

As I said it happens when Mumble is initially opened and before I can even interact with the interface.

I found the following on http://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Debugging :

Note that breaking Mumble will probably freeze your mouse and keyboard for a few seconds, as this also pauses Mumble's hotkey handling.


This seems to be exactly what I'm seeing, but I'm not doing any debugging. Is it possible Mumble is busy processing my audio devices on start and holding up the rest of the OS input because of the hotkey handling?

I'm very technical so I can grab any logs or run any debugging tools necessary. Let me help you help me, tell me what I need to do to get this fixed.

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I'm using the portable version (with mumble.ini in the same directory as mumble.exe) and this has been working well for about 24hrs. I just had to edit the mumble.ini and add "winhooks=false" instead of using the registry file. Will report back in a week with a confirmation. Thanks so much for finding this if it does turn out to be the fix.

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