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Failed to set initial capabilities


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Hi all,

no matter what i am doint, i always receive these errors in my log file:


<W>2014-11-15 06:49:09.660 Initializing settings from /etc/mumble-server.ini (basepath /etc)
<W>2014-11-15 06:49:09.663 OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 2012
<C>2014-11-15 06:49:09.663 Successfully switched to uid 108
<C>2014-11-15 06:49:09.663 Failed to set initial capabilities
<W>2014-11-15 06:49:09.751 Resource limits were 0 0
<C>2014-11-15 06:49:09.751 Failed to set priority limits.
<C>2014-11-15 06:49:09.751 Failed to set final capabilities
<W>2014-11-15 06:49:09.753 MurmurIce: Endpoint "tcp -h -p 6502" running
<W>2014-11-15 06:49:09.796 Murmur 1.2.8 (1.2.8-1~ppa1~precise1) running on X11: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS: Booting servers
<W>2014-11-15 06:49:09.807 1 => Server listening on [::]:64738
<W>2014-11-15 06:49:09.811 1 => Not registering server as public
<W>2014-11-15 06:49:09.811 Object::connect: No such slot MurmurDBus::userTextMessage(const User *, const TextMessage &)


It fails to set initial capabilities and it throws out an Error of Object::connect

DBus is completely commented out in my config file, but still it seems so enable it ...

So what could I do about this?

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