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Weird Microphone Issue


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I have been testing a Mumble server and have struck one very weird issue.

When I have my microphone set to use my Plantronix wireless headset and set the Audio Wizard to use "Raw amplitude from input", everything works - another person on the server can hear me, I can hear them. When I set it to use "Signal-to-noise ratio" and the wireless headset, irrespective of what I set the slider to, I can hear the other person but they are unable to hear me, even though they can see my icon flash red to indicate I'm saying something.

However I want to switch to using an AKG D5 microphone connected to an M-Audio FastTrak Pro. With both Signal-to-noise ratio and Raw amplitude from input set, the other person can see my icon lighting up red to indicate I'm saying something, yet they cannot hear me.

I have tried switching from WASABI to ASIO drivers, however I'm unable to do so - the option to change on the Output Device is greyed out, and when I select ASIO on the Input Device it tellls me "You need to select at least one microphone and one speaker source to use ASIO".

I'm using Mumble 1.2.8 on the same system that hosts the Murmur server. I'd like to switch to using the AKG microphone because this is a situation where i could use the higher quality but obviously this isn't working for me. This is running on a Windows 7 Home Premium x64.

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