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Is there a chance that someone has a working vbulletin 3.8.x authentication similar to the SMF or PHPBB versions? If not here are some ideas I had for it. I've not messed with any authentication methods so I'm unsure if some of this is even possible but I figured sharing concepts wouldn't hurt. This could be applicable to any forum software, but I use vbulletin.

So, on connecting the following might happen:

1) User tries to connect to mumble using their forum username, when they get the password prompt they use their forum password

2) If password clears for their username, the script checks the user's forum usergroup(s) to see if they are in a "blacklisted" group, such as usergroup 23, which on my forum is the "Banned" usergroup.

3) If they are banned on the forums, throw a message at them (maybe the banned reason?) Otherwise let them connect

4) Once connected, register the user to the server

5) Add user to ACL groups based on their forum usergroups. This could be customized in the script file possibly with something similar to

ACL Group & Forum Group Name (could also just use group #)

@All = "Registered User"

@Officer = "Guild Officer", "Administrator"

@Guild Access= "Guild Member","Guild Buddy","Trial"

- Have it check the database every now and then for changes, so if someone gets banned in forums, the user would get kicked from mumble


And thats my idea. Which suddenly got a lot longer when I started typing and thinking about what ideas would be interesting. ;)

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