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Loud screech at end of voice transmission


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For some time now my friend report that I transmit a loud screeching noise whenever I speak. From what I can tell, it is always at the end of the voice transmission, and it's very painful to their ears. Anyone know a fix? I am more than happy to provide more info if it is needed (I'm new to this, forgive me)

Thanks in advance.

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Can confirm this is a thing. Moved to Opus about a month ago and that's when it began happening. I've read reports that closing other VoIP programs such as Teamspeak or Skype, if one has them on the background, will fix it but am unable to confirm since I personally haven't suffered from it.

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I was trying to Google for possible solutions to these seemingly random screeches and came across it. It's not very reliable information, but it was just about all I could find. I'll try and see if I can find you a link.

It made some resemblance of sense considering this issue exists only for some people, so it would appear at a glance to be something in the client end rather than a server problem.

Which version are you running by the way, server wise? And which OS?

I'm on Debian and latest stable.

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