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Host machine stop responsing


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Hello, I heve a Mumble-server installed on VPS from mumble repo. But sometimes the host machine just stops responsing to pings and only hardware reset helps(option in control panel). On the host machine I use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and there are only mumble server and OpenVPN-AS installed. Right now I have removed openvpn but not sure that it will help.

Maybe somebody have already overcame this problem and may help me.

Thank you.

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Hello. I have installed mumble on clear Debian 7.7 wheezy, but today got this problem again. Server version 1.2.3-349g315b5f5-2.2+deb7u1

I get something like this in my log.

<W>2014-12-03 04:34:26.534 1 => <79:Neype(2)> Disconnecting ghost
<W>2014-12-03 04:34:26.569 1 => <76:Neype(2)> Connection closed:  [-1]
<W>2014-12-03 04:34:26.674 1 => <79:Neype(2)> Authenticated


and is it normal that i have so many mumble-server instances?


Does anybody knows what to do?

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