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mumble main window dosnt show up


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i am trying to run mumble on an debian vserver using an virtual X-Server (Xvfb) and pulseaudio with virtual audio sinks. This setting works grate with teamspeak 3 but dosnt work with mumble. I have installed the default debianpackage using apt-get but if i try to start mumble i just get some terminal output but no main window is showing up no mater how long i wait:


Please help, how can i isolate and eliminate this problem.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work


PS: Also it looks like i have previously created an account but because of something i would call a problem in the phpbb settings i am unable to reset it. Why i need to enter my email-address, i have dozens of email addresses that could be that one i have used. Its the first website i see this not common and in my eyes stupid setting. Also the captcha system isnt very secure...

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