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Help with a configuration using ACL.


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I'm having difficulty getting what I want in the way of a Mumble config. I hope someone here could help me out.

Here is the goal.


  • * A main {command) channel where the leader will sit that cannot be heard outside that channel except with a shortcut to transmit to all sub channels.

    * A set of subchannels that transmit all talk to the command channel.

    * The subchannels cannot hear each other outside of their channel (subchannels are private).


So, to restate, the commander can transmit via a special key to subs. The commander's normal talk key is for the main channel where he resides. The subs can talk to themselves and it echos to the main channel. The subs don't hear the other subs.

I thought I had it using the "out" ACL on the subs to ban speaking and having the channels linked but the "out" seems to override the links normal "hear all linked channels" operation and the commander won't hear it.

I only have ACL access, I don't have shell access to the server.

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A old Friend has made some ACLs to do exactly that.



You must Edit the Leader Channel with:

@out "Talk" and "Whisper" deny

@sub "Whisper" allow and unchek the "affect subchannels"

@~sub,-1,1,1 "Whisper" allow and uncheck the "affect subchannels"

Than you Edit the Subchannels:

@~sub,-1,0 "Speak" allow

@~sub,-1,1,1 "Speak" deny

@~sub,-1,0,1 "Whisper" allow

@in "Speak" allow

Thats it.


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