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Really high TCP control ping but low UDP ping.


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Recently I've been getting really high average ping and ping deviation for my TCP ping but very low UDP ping. This makes it almost impossible to change channels within the hour and I also receive very frequent disconnections from the server with the error

[1:28:31 PM] Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection.

[1:28:41 PM] Reconnecting.

[1:28:41 PM] Connected.

I always reconnect instantly and the cycle repeats. I've tried all the possible solutions I could find and none of them work. When it gets really bad I get disconnected every 5 minutes.

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If other people on the server don't experience this issue this very likely to be an issue with your connection to the server. You can try if disabling QoS in the settings does anything for you (some bad home routers can't handle it). Beyond that try if you can ping and traceroute the server to figure out where exactly your are incurring those latencies.

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