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I'm currently in the process of shuffling around some services on my linux VMs and was wondering if there were any certain distros where the pre-configured mumble-server/murmur package is kept up-to-date. I see that Debian/Ubuntu have them (and are mentioned in the server install section of the wiki here), but when I checked the version, it was 1.2.3. My recently updated Fedora 21 VM is running a fc20 murmur package at 1.2.6-1. This shows no package in fc21.

An updated Fedora package would be outstanding, ;) but really I'd just like to know the Mumble team's plan/policy so that I can also use that info to plan a bit myself.

Obviously, I'd like to avoid simply using the binary if possible.



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Hi. The only distro we offer packages for is Ubuntu for which we maintain a PPA. Distro repository packages are managed and updated by the downstream maintainers of the distro so you'll have to contact them for getting them updated.

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