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Do i need own server to communicate in private? How?


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Hi everyone,

as i am newbie, i would like to ask for your help.

I already downloaded and installed mumble, on lap and mobile. I want to use it for private communication with some partners. What do you suggest can i do? Own server? If yes, where and who can i get it? Is it expensive? how can i set it up then? Or can i use a free version somewhere and its highly safe for discussions? I do not want to use it for gaming.

Thank you for suggestions in advance.


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When you install Mumble, you get the option to also install Mumble Server (Murmur). This will use your computer as a Mumble server, other people can connect to it when you port forward 64738 BUT you have to give anyone that wants to join your IP Address which is something that should be kept secret unless you trust them not to block your internet connection with DDOS-ing. There are some professional .com servers you can rent: http://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Hosters

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