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Hi My name is Jim. I am using a MSI GT 70 Laptop with window 7 64 bit. When I plug my Ethernet cable into my laptop the mumble doesn't work correctly. It will open up my guilds mumble but it won't let me move out of the room I am in, it won't let me talk to anyone and i can't hear them, and when i close mumble it still shows the mumble icon in my system try in the bottom right of my screen. If i open it again it show's that there is two mumbles running but if you click on it only one works. This is an issue. I need to start playing my games with my Ethernet cable plugged in but I can't. The only way that mumble will work correctly is if i disconnect my Ethernet cable and switch my laptop to wifi. Then I can re-open mumble and it will work fine with no issues. I have tried everything. I even deleted mumble and re-downloaded it and that didn't fix it.

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