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I've been using Murmur server 1.2.5-248 (on a server) for close to 2 years now with no problems. A user connected a few days ago giving some kind of SSL warning, but I played it off as the typical warning a user gets when connecting for the first time.

I updated my own client to 1.3.0-487 and when I attempted to connect, i got an SSL version mismatch saying the server SSL was older encryption. I assumed a server update was required but as there were many users online, i couldnt do it at the time. Today I updated my client again to 1.3.0-488 and now it can connect with no problem.

I decided that today would be a good time to update the server to the latest version as well. I made a backup of the Murmur server settings and sql data and then proceeded to update.

Since the update im getting 2 new errors in the murmur log during startup. The first error is failing to bind the UDP port and the 2nd error says it cant load bonjour due to dnssd.dll error.

After much research installing/uninstalling different versions, ive come to the conclusion that the new murmur has removed the dnssd.dll from system32 and aswell as syswow64. The same file in both locations were differently sized, so I copied them from my main computer to the server in both locations, and now bonjour is loading okay.

I am still however having an issue with UDP port binding and this is causing outside users to not be able to see pings or current users connected. I've confirmed that no other app is using the port, as well as with a netstat I can see the port opening and closing with the server, but it doesnt seem to bind with it.

2014-12-26 10:27:21.357 1 => Server listening on [::]:3222

2014-12-26 10:27:21.515 1 => Server listening on

2014-12-26 10:27:21.657 1 => Failed to bind UDP Socket to

2014-12-26 10:27:21.857 1 => Announcing server via bonjour

Netstat output:

UDP [::]:3222 *:* [murmur.exe]

On an above TCP port, I can see two 3222 ports being open, one opened by murmur and the other is unable to obtain owner info.

Im running out of ideas on what could potentially be the issue other than a build problem. Anyone else have any input?

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