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High load after suspend


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Hi problem with mumble (version 1.2.8 on archlinux)

After resuming from suspend, mumble, even if it is not connected to a server, starts spamming alsa errors in my journal which causes a very high load on my computer.

I haven't tested too much as I was only person on server at time, but I can assume sound stopped functioning in mumble as lips icon next to my name signifying that I am talking do not change colour as they usually do.

Quiting mumble through file menu does not work, although the window does close. Killing mumble with SIGINT works fine though, mumble accepts this happily and my load returns to regular idle levels

The error spamming my journal is:

bash[440]: ALSAAudioInput: Streams pipe error

I am running arch linux x64 with mumble version 1.2.8 and alsa 1.0.28

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