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Connecting to a specific server.


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Hi, I connect to a specific server almost everyday, but one day out of the blue, the server details are deleted from the 'connect' window and I am presented with this message when i try to connect to the server: http://gyazo.com/1e7f043e678ffc35272a871c56690bf6

When i click yes, the message pops up again and sends me in a loop. I am not banned from the server, I have checked.

I have created a new certificate

I have uninstalled Mumble using Ccleaner and downloaded it again from sourceforge.

Nothing has worked.

Any advice welcome, I bored out of my skull with trying to fix this.


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Do you have write access to the place Mumble stores it's configuration? (I think it's %APPDATA%/Mumble)

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