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Running Mumble on a web server?


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Hi my fellow scripters,

Okay, I know little about writing scripts, and even more about programming software. I know just enough to configure software like PFsense, DD-WRT, Kahli ( some not all) Basic Linux, or simple hardware hacking routines.

I am trying to get me a mumbles server for private use, and I have a webserver. and I knwo there are interfaces to webs for mumbles ( well heard about it anyway) I am wondering if I could run a Mumbles server form the same place I run my web site, I am currently on a unlimited bandwith and unlimited storage server, with uploads and downloads nto to exceed 200Gigs a month. So I am pretty sure I can handle the traffic for a server and have good connection with low latency. yet I am unsure how to do this, a quick look at posts reviled web interfaces. yet I am unsure if thats the same thing as running a mumble server from my web hosting server?

If some one could please link me to a guide, ( no video please they confuse me and every one says something different or have you do unnessary things) that will tell me step by step instructions on how to set up a mumbles server, how to secure it, I would be apreciated for it. :P and I hope as I learn it and continue with my schooling I can meet people here as I design a internal VOIP for a video game project I have in mind

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Do you have shell access?

Given the fact you mention it's unlimited storage, I would think you don't have the necessarily privileges to run a Mumble server. Ask your host.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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If this is a VPS you may be able to setup a murmur server.

If its a web hosted server, you'll run into issues. The control panel for your server will likely only have elements like FTP, PHP5, MYSQL, and possibly apache/nginx.

You should look into getting a VPS if you want to go with a host. You'll get shell access with a VPS that you can use to setup Linux's Mumur server.

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