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Ubuntu mumble server experiencing packet loss/high ping


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Edit: This issue ended up being host related rather than mumble-server. Considered resolved but potentially helpful to others running into similar issues, although it is no longer an issue with mumble.

Hello, I have a mid range VPS (2GB RAM) that I've been running the Mumble server on for a bit over a week, and I've noticed that it has experienced frequent packet loss and high ping at random times throughout the day, several times a day. Both CPU and RAM usage are very low, (.01 Load, below 10% RAM) and I'm inclined to believe there are no HDD bottlenecks either as it's a dev/testing server with very little running on it. I am monitoring the server from another server via nagios and observed this happening shortly after I installed Mumble. The strange part is that the mumble server is 99% inactive, being used for testing and the majority of the time has no users connected. I contacted my host, originally thinking it was an issue on their end and they moved me to a new node which should have fixed any issues on their side, but as this did not resolve the issue, and this latency/packet loss issue started happening the day I installed mumble-server, I'm inclined to believe it's somehow related to the server.

I'm a beginner-intermediate linux user/sysadmin, familiar with CLI etc, I'd like to ask for a bit of help in where I would look to start tracking down what is causing these issues, if it is indeed the mumble server that is causing this.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Update: It turns out that it was a coincidence after all, after several rounds with my host, they finally discovered that somebody was abusing the resources on the machine my VPS was hosted on. I've re-enabled mumble-server and have had no other packet loss issues in several days.

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