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user stuck in a cert loop


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I have a user that just did a fresh install on his computer and when he first tries to connect to my server hes client asks to accept the self signed ssl cert he picks yes, but it keeps going back to that dialog box.

win7 64, pulled the 1.2.8 msi from the site today. So I had him uninstall it and gave him the msi I used to install back in October. still gets the same thing.

I asked him to try and connect to a different server and he was able to jump to five different servers and then comes back to mine with the same issue.

I thought Console.txt would have some connecting info but what he posted me didn't, Where does mumble's client keep it's connection logs?

and what hot fix do we have to cure this

I looked and he was not a registered user (besides that would be a invalid password problem), so I'm lost.

He was on the server yesterday just before his reinstall of windows.

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