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Again echo problem (Speaker + Voice activation)


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I'm sorry to bother you again with the echo topic. I already tried to figure out what is wrong, but even after doing lots of google I'm pretty clueless.

The setup is:

1. I'm using a headset. Microphone + Headset-speakers for Mumble and Gameplay.

2. My friend is using Speakers and Headset, but only the speaker.

3. Both have Voice activation.

What happens: When I start to speak, while my friends mirophone is active, I start to hear myself and as far as I can recognize, my voice leaves his activation active until I stop to speak. Of course this creates for me an echo.

We tried to change the voice activation level, it is already at a point, where on his side it is close to not react on his own voice. We activated speaker-dampening when he is speaking.

I wouldn't bother and tell him to use his headset, but he complains all the time that he has no issues in using Teamspeak. - I can't imagine... but well.

How can we fix that?

Does that really works better on Teamspeak? What works different?

I really don't want to use Teamspeak only because of this... :(

best regards

and thanks for your work


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