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I'm openning this topic just to put my idea here... I think could be a good application a internal whiteboard integrated with ACL system and visible whom are in same channel or something like that. Sure, need to explore more HOW interface that.


As simple tools could be enough: upload a image as background/map/blueprint/obectives; a pen with some colors and stroke weigth, some geometric objects, some arrows and some icons for objectives notation. That should be enough and, probably, an excellent application WITH a voice software.


But I have some ideas, just to show how this can be upgraded in future:


As advanced tools, save, load, undo, and specif ACL permissions for write, read, load and save; a book with custom images for backgrounds and icons.

As "super advanced" tools, to have a list with saved strategies, layers for strategy steps (like step 1, step 2, step 3) in different tabs.


Well, its just an idea to someone who have skill to do that; I think community would like a lot and Mumble probably would have more visibility and funcionality.

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Indeed, it is. But still a VoIP focused in gaming, who plans with organize groups. I don't see as a conferencing tool, I see as a VoIP with gaming focused tools. I prefer to think on ideas as a way to have better ideas, thats the focus on community; maybe popularity could be better with new ideas and, with more popularity, more people to help improve a tool wich is really good.

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