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in certain places i want people to be able to create temp channels with ability to

unmute / mute ppl

auto matically mute ppl when they come in to wait for being unmuted by the channel starter

but i don't want them to be able to create a password or edit acls.

so i got

'~sub,0,1,1 -speak' in my 'dungeons' channel, where anyone can talk, then the temp sub channels are affected. ( if there is a better way to do what i want i'm all ears )

i read the tutorial over a few times, and the groups & ACL write up and i can't figure out how to 'un-default' the ability for ppl who make the temp channel to write acl.

since ( as i said in a technical post ) i don't want any random person to read acls or even be able to password/edit the acl for the temp channel they're in, trying to keep it social.

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I was researching a similar issue and here is what I discovered:

I think the problem is that when a user creates a channel they are added to its "admin" group. If you try to explicitly deny @admin writeacl permissions it will add a new entry for the person who created the server giving them writeacl back.

If you want this behavior you'd probably have to edit the source code for creating a new channel to add "xyz" user to the @admin group instead of the creator (where xyz is your choice of users).

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