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I am on a Win7 pro 64 bits, completely updated ( winupdated ) ...

Using the snapshot 1.3.0~509/32bits ...

Notice a BIG lag for my mouse behavior when starting mumble.

Notice also a program freeze almost every 2minutes when connected ans speaking, with impossibility to interact with mumble GUI, but still able to hear and speak (using voice actvition).

Concerning the snapshot 1.3.0~509/64bits haven't test hit so far.

The win64 mumble-1.3.0~484 snapshot was imcopatible with my server ( ssl handcheck wrong) and since then, i stopped using 64 version. second reseon is overlay not working in 64v.

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follow up... updated to latest 1.3.0~511 win32.

The lagg at start-up is still present.

But no more freeze .

Issue: sometimes, i am loosing the menu like options or help ... and then they are back ....

Anyway, overlay is working just fine ( World of tanks ) now.

this one is a better one !!!

hope this is helping ...

is there anyways to add a log files ...


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