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Hey all,

I am seeking for a way to enable new users to connect to my mumble server easily and also have a client setup that is useful for our needs. Ideally this would include something like:

- disable/ignore positional audio

- silence all notifications by default

- disable text-to-speech

- include a server configuration, make the user only enter his username

- disable overlays completely

The goal is to provide a downloadable package at least for windows and mac osx which i can hand out to potential users and give them an easy-as-possible experience to connect to my server. Installation, Audio-Wizard, choose a username should be the only steps needed.

Do you see any chance to achieve that without completely recoding the source (which wouldn't be an option for me)? Any chance to come close to that?


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You can create a portable Mumble with an own configuration to achieve this.

The configuration is then stored inside one directory instead of the windows/mac os registry and within different folders within windows/mac os.

Start this portable Mumble, change the configuration to your needs, add your own server and then remove unneeded settings from the database and mumble.ini file.

Some time ago I made a howto for such a setup (in German) maybe you can use it with Google translate.

See http://wiki.natenom.de/mumble/anleitungen/mumble-portabel-paket-erstellen

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