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Just a few questions. . .

What is the absolute maximum number of clients I can have in a single Mumble server if I am hosting on my own VPS or dedicated server? Is it possible to have one-million users in the same Mumble?

Can I assign custom icons to users? If so, how many?

Can I easily program the software to allow various permission levels so that way users can, for instance, ban users of a lower rank, have access to channels that lower ranked members cannot get into, etc.?

Can I prevent lower ranked users from seeing who is present in other channels?

Thank you for your time.

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Number of clients: Though I don't know if there is a theoretical limit you can have as many clients as your network and cpu of your server can handle, there is no artificial limit for slots/users/number of servers.

Custom icons: Thats not possible but there is an open feature request for that function.

Lower ranks: No, thats not possible; there is nothing like powerlevel in Mumble as there is for Teamspeak. Every user with kick/ban permissions can kick/ban every other user.

Hide users: Everyone always sees everyone on the server, there is no possibility to hide users.

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When a person chooses an avatar to upload it will appear as a small icon next to their name in the overlay though. You can use tokens to prevent/allow only certain users into certain channels-or edit the channels' ACLs and make groups of users who would only be allowed to traverse certain channels.

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