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Cap on image size


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I have made a bot, similar to the existing mumo script, which will take any image link posted in chat and send all users the actual image. The existing mumo script seems to send the image via base64 in the same way uploading an image through the client does. I however went about embedding the image with html in the hopes that it would overcome the file size/image dimension restriction. I understand this restriction is generally to keep such large amounts of data from being sent through a service that isn't really meant to handle it but this should be irreverent if all the server is touching is the url. There are two reasons I can imagine this is happening:

1. The html is all processed server side and the images are being sent to the users from the server via b64 encoding anyway (this seems unlikely because when the bot sends itself an image it still receives an image tag using the url and not an image tag with a ton of b64 data(

2. The html is processed client side and the client is downloading the image from the url, however mubmle is applying an unnecessary and possibly hard coded restriction to the size of the image being downloaded by the client.

Hopping someone who knows more about mumble can tell me that i'm either SOL or that there is a work around.

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