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Nobody can hear me & I can't hear anyone


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I've had this issue with mumble for a few hours now, seemingly out of the blue where I'm unable to hear anyone talk and they also cannot hear me.

1. I tested my mic and headphones in skype, so I know they are working just fine.

2. I did multiple clean uninstalls of mumble.

3. I can hear myself in the audio wizard just fine.

4. When I first enter the mumble server, I can hear talking for a split second before it seems like I'm auto deafened and muted.

5. Nobody has me muted/deafened.

6. Vent works fine.

7. Other mumble servers and channels also do not work for me.

The only thing that changed regarding my computer was that I switched from wifi to ethernet this afternoon, which weirdly required me to switch my Speed & Duplex to 10Mbps Full Duplex for it to even function. I've also tried reverting this change, and switching back to wifi, but the problem persists with mumble.

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