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MumbleKit crashes when accessing groups


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I defined a group to a sub-channel and suitable permissions. (see attachments)

From MumbleKit, after being connected to the server, I ask for MKAccessControl by calling

[self.serverModel requestAccessControlForChannel:c];


When receiving response, app crashes in this point (see (*) )


- (NSUInteger)countByEnumeratingWithState:(NSFastEnumerationState *)state objects:(id *)stackbuf count:(NSUInteger)len
// TODO: We only support enumeration of object values.  In the future, we
// can extend this code to return a new list of NSNumber* objects wrapping
// our primitive values.
PBArrayValueTypeAssert(PBArrayValueTypeObject);  <----- (*)

if (state->state >= _count)
	return 0; // terminate iteration


How should I set groups and permission on murmur to avoid this crash?

If I comment the assert, the following crash is when accessing the PBArray named add in here:


        for (NSNumber *value in chanGroup.add) {
           [channelGroup.members addObject:value];



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