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Can Get Murmur server to install in Windows 10

Jim D

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Ok, I know this is probably a rather simplistic question, but I did look for others' input before posting. I am trying to install a mumble (murmur) server on my Windows 10 machine so my hospitalized friend can access audio in and out for remote Ham Radio control. I went through the installation on the box but I see no way to make any changes or, for that matter, to see the current settings.

There are references to a murmur.ini file, but that seems to not have been created when I ran the setup software.

Also I see nothing in task manager.

This was all attempted last week. Please see the attached murmur logfile.

I see that the system tried to listen on, then gave an error and stopped. How do I tell the software to look at the proper ip address?


Thanks for the help!


Jim Darrough


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Pushing your post by adding useless comments to it (after only a single day!) won't get you anywhere.


In terms of the installer: It is intended that there are no customization options. And in terms of the ini file: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/issues/5848


That being said, are you really sure you want to install a server? Normally, what you want on a desktop machine is the client...

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What I want is to be able to let my friend who is in the hospital access the audio on my Icom IC-7300 radio while using rustdesk to log into the computer attached to the radio. I have it working in digital modes, but could not find the '.ini file anywhere so got errors when murmur loaded. Krzmbrzi, I apoloigize if I did something to offend you.

Thank you davidebeatrici, I appreciate your kindness. I will make sure I download and edit the ini you gave me a link to and hope I can ask further questions.


Sincerely, Jim Darrough

Panama, OK

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am happy to report that we now have a functioning murmur server on the computer used to control the radio. My son, who is a tech at an ISP, helped me figure it out. What we ended up doing was setting up a mumble user for the radio. When the computer is booted, we start the murmur server, then the mumble client on the same machine. The client connects to the server, and now if any other users connect remotely to the murmur server, they can hear the audio, and when the radio is keyed up (using a program called Ham Radio Deluxe, on the same machine, but operated via remote desktop) it transmits the mumble audio.


At this moment, my friend (in the hospital) uses his cell and a mumble app on that. We will try again this weekend to figure out why mumble on his laptop in the hospital is not able to send/receive audio from the murmur server.


Thanks for your help, though, guys. The murmur.ini file that davidebeatrici provided a link to did the trick for the most part.


I'll keep an eye out for a newer set of documentation.


Regards, Jim Darrough

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