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Awful client lag when certain programs running


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When I'm running multiple flash players and hot key net I get awful mumble client lag and I have no idea why. It doesn't lag at all if im in a room with no other people but if I'm in a room with ~5 people it takes 20 seconds for my cursor to be recognized on the client, this often leads to a crash. However I can still talk and hear people until this crash as if nothing was happening but there can be up to a minute lag on when it says I'm talking. I experience no general computer lag whatsoever when not on a mumble server and multiple people with lower end processors than myself are able to run mumble as well as the programs we are running.

I've never had problems like this before and this is the only situation in which I can find problems like this. I would like to know if anyone has any ideas what might fix the problem.

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