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Bluetooth headset for exclusive voice chat


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I am trying to set up a Bluetooth headset to transmit and receive with Mumble, but still use my speakers for everything else (game sound and music). So far I have got the headset to work with mumble, but the game sound still comes through it, not my speakers. I have not found any other thread on here that addresses this specifically. Any help would be much appreciated.

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In the Windows sound control panel, set Playback default to your speakers. Recording to your headset mic. Then, in Mumble's settings head to Audio Output and under the Device dropdown pick your bluetooth headset. You can set Input to be the headset as well, but it should already be so as you set it as the system wide default.

The above means any programme set to use Windows default sound devices will output to speakers, and use your mic as capture. Mumble overrides this by using your headset as output.

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As has been said, you can specify a specific output device in Mumble.

In windows output devices, there is also the option to specify one device as a communication device (which Mumble is), and one for everything else.


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