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wrong pass


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Cant contect on mumble when i format pc i have problem to conect as user on friend account.

My address and port is good when i click connect last time when work good i tape pass but i got this message:Server connection rejected: Wrong password , i cant enter pass..What i read on google i think problem is my user name i try change saeKn to saekn12 but didnt work.This is ip problem only one now i am interuder.

This problem commonly happens when someone re-installs their operating system, and forgets to import the old certificate. There are three ways that this problem can be resolved:

Method 1: Import your old certificate-dont have old ..

Method 2: Use a different Name-didnt work

Method 3: Delete the old registration-dont know how to do this.I ask friend ovner of account :They can do this by clicking on Server → Registered Users, and then highlighting your name and clicking the Remove button.But nothing is ther no name..

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Type out the entire error message: is it "Wrong password for registered user" or "Wrong password for unregistered user".

If it's the latter, you need the server password, not your old user password.

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