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Need Help to Hear Myself


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I need some help using Mumble for Mac OS. I would like to be able to add my microphone to my output mix.

I just got a new pair of headphones which have much better isolation than my old pair. As a result, it is difficult for me to hear my own voice when I am wearing the headphones. I have remedied this problem by talking with one headphone off my ear. I am trying to think of a way that I can comfortably use mumble with both headphones on my ears.

It would be great if I could add my mumble input from my built in microphone to my machine's output. There will be no feedback because of the headphones.

Anyone know how to do this? Anyone know of a plugin that would help? Maybe some kind of a mixing plugin?

Again, this is for mac os.

Over time I am sure I will get used to the new headphones. I thought I would give this forum a try.

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Two ways I could think of doing this. First one would be IN and using Mumble. In the advanced setting for audio output there's an audio "loopback test" - you could turn this on to hear yourself. Using local I presume will allow you to hear yourself (and what you sound like) prior to the transmission going through the mumble server, setting it to server (I presume) will allow you to actually hear what other people are actually hearing of/from you.

Also you could use windows audio device settings. Right click (context menu) on the speaker icon in the task-tray, and select "recording devices" - once that opens go to the settings/properties for the mic you're using on the headset. Navigate to the "Listen" tab and tick the tickbox for "Listen to this device" and tell it where to play back the sound from the mic (speakers or default playback device).

Using either of these two methods - and you'll be able to hear yourself talk in your headset/speakers.

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